You didn't come to this 'About' page only to find out more about me. You also came to find out more about you - specifically, if and how you could relate to me as a potential collaborator.


Let me tell you how.


​​You are the most exciting part of my life's work.

I grew up on a farm in rural Alberta, and the experiences I had there shaped me forever. Swimming in sloughs (eww yes, I did), climbing trees, sleeping in the barn, tagging along on cattle drives, getting lost in the fields… all of this nurtured a deep (slightly excessive) curiosity within me.

So naturally, as a child, I had very big plans. I wanted to be an archaeologist. An artist. An Olympic gymnast. An engineer, a chemist and a historian. And here’s the kicker: I still do! I want to be all those things and more—because life sets me on fire.

And this is how I’ve come to do it—through all my clients.


Municipalities—I’ve worked on the inside. I’ve planned parks, presented to Council, led working groups, held open houses and worked alongside community volunteers. I have a strong understanding of how municipalities work.

Businesses—I’ve learned the art of splicing fibre optic cables, cooked in a commercial kitchen, gotten dirty in welding shops, inspected heavy duty engines, tested products and played inside some (mindblowing) software.

Environment—I’ve been dropped by helicopter to remote mountain lakes, slept in tents at research stations through days of rain, stood knee deep in mud to count amphibians, netted fish, performed titrations, collected water samples and stared down a microscope to identify some of the world’s most beautiful creatures (diatoms).

You—I’ve not just studied words, I’ve studied life. I have a very personal connection to my work and an intense enthusiasm to learn, create, and tell the untold stories. I want to visit your farm, stroll your streets, and don a hard hat to enter your shop. I want to understand what drives you and capture your story in a way that no one else can.


That’s what drives me. You. Inspire. Me.

Jill Yanch, Owner


I could say that I specialize in helping municipalities communicate to their Council and public. Strategic plans, community reports, newsletters, budget stories, business plans. That type of thing.

I could say that I specialize in environmental communication. Climate change reports, provincial park guides, fact sheets, public presentations and so on.

But instead, I will say that I specialize in story – turning numbers and rudimentary facts, history and new ideas into words that tell the story that my clients need to tell.

I have a degree in Conservation Biology and two decades of communications experience.


To further enable my clients and my passions, I am constantly learning and developing professionally. I am a designated Environmental Professional and recently completed an Integrated Water Resource Management program through McGill University, as well as various levels of Incident Command System (ICS) training. Next up is an Indigenous Canada course and Sustainable Business Strategy through Harvard Business School.  

Let's connect the dots in your story to make it the best it can be.

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