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          I have had the privilege of working with Jill on different community and municipal projects. Successful projects require the experience and ability of talented people who offer a commitment to excellence.  Add to that a real caring for the client and you have… Jill.

Roxanne Carr - Roxx Strategic Management, former mayor of Strathcona County


Resilient Rurals is a partnership between the towns of Bruderheim, Gibbons and Lamont for a regional climate change adaptation and resilience project within Alberta's Industrial Heartland. It is a new and unique approach - created by small towns, for small towns.

I believe so strongly in the potential and power of rural communities - these three municipalities are doing incredible work leading the way for rural resilience across Alberta and Canada. As the leading community partner, the Town of Bruderheim has proven to be forward-thinking and true champions of resilience.


  • Project founder and project manager

  • Intermunicipal relationships

  • Logo / brand development

  • Website content and design

  • Regional Resilience Plan content and design

  • Research

  • Photography

          Jill’s work on Resilient Rurals has made a significant contribution to our communities' efforts in developing short and long term goals. We put our trust into Green Pen Writing Services to complete this valuable project, and Jill made it happen by engaging our residents, staff and regional partners in a professional manner. Her strength is definitely in engagement and coaching - we didn’t know where to start on this initiative and we now have a clear path to success. “

Sherry Cote

Director of Development and Legislative Services, Town of Bruderheim

          As a community leader, I sometimes have a vision with no path to get there. With no time or effort on my part, Jill with Green Pen Writing Services was able to create exactly what I needed. Loads of contracted services talk a good game, but Jill makes it HAPPEN!

Patty Podoborozny - CAO, Town of Bruderheim

          We received amazing editing from Jill Yanch of Green Pen. We felt she took an extra level of comprehension and detail when making editing suggestions. I highly recommend her services.

Chris Stewart - Former Director of Business Development with ECO Canada



GPWS Research.png




GPWS Research.png



          Jill Yanch with Green Pen is exceptional at producing high quality messaging and creative document designs, along with modern communication advice and strategies – all at the speed of light!

Kayleena Spiess - CAO, Westlock County

          Jill has the knack of taking what I said and turning it into a work of art.


Ben Bilyk - Former Bruderheim Town Councillor





          Jill, first and foremost, is an amazing person. I have made a very intentional decision to build relationships I know are grounded in respect, similar values and character. Jill demonstrates these both personally and professionally. Every single time I have had the opportunity to work with Jill, whoever we are working with sees the benefit of these traits along with professionalism and pride of work. I unreservedly recommend Jill for any project she feels excited to be part of. It will be a success, every time, without fail.


Kelly Rudyk - President, It's Logical Strategic Planning Services



I was genuinely inspired by Beaver County Council's progressive vision laid out in its strategic plan. The County not only welcomes business and industry, but turns a unique focus to innovation in waste management and cutting-edge agriculture. The document is a testament to the ability of my colleague, Kelly Rudyk, President of It's Logical Strategic Planning Services, to guide a municipality in its planning journey. His process captured Council's goals and desired results as drivers for decision-making, bringing clarity and vision that has set Beaver County up for long-term success.




  • Narrative

  • Document design


LC1a BW.png



Lamont County's Strategic Plan is an authentic and meaningful step toward strengthening the County's relationships with its residents and neighbours. It illustrates the County's intention to face challenges, seek opportunities and efficiencies, and make decisions highly informed and together with its public. The document is once again a testament to the impressive abilities of my colleague, Kelly Rudyk, President of It's Logical Strategic Planning Services, to lead a municipality to success.



  • Narrative

  • Document design


LC2 BW.png

          I appreciated your time and the expertise and style you brought to our table.

Ian McCormack - President, Strategic Steps Inc.

          We developed a great partnership with Jill’s dedication to the City’s work on the budget document, which has been evident and recognized by our peers and other partnerships. We appreciate her patience, attention to detail, professional mannerism, and her approach to transform technical information into a piece of readable information for everyone to understand. 

Shannon Andruchow - Senior Accountant, City of Fort Saskatchewan




Well known as a catering icon in the Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton area for over four decades, Royal Catering's mother-daughter team, Carol and Phyllis Slukinsky, are a local treasure. Their exceptionally high quality service speaks for itself and makes working with them both a tremendous pleasure and a cinch.


  • Website design

  • Content development

  • Ongoing website and marketing support

          I cannot imagine where I would be without all the professional work that Jill has done for us. She dives in as if it is were her own business and the benefit that comes from her work is priceless. She has been phenomenal to work with on every project—she takes the time to listen to your needs and makes the words dance to reflect your business. She puts everything into her projects and is a perfectionist—and it shows! Jill with Green Pen is THE BEST! 5/5 hands down.


Carol Slukinsky - Royal Catering Inc.



Visiting the Harrold Family Farm gave me a deep sense of the family's commitment to sustainable agriculture and contributing value to their community. Several generations working together, they are true visionaries in how they exemplify agriculture as a way of life and evolve with entrepreneurial spirit. I am honoured to be part of presenting their century-old legacy to the world online.  


  • Website and logo design

  • Content development

  • Ongoing website support

          Jill has been a delight to work with and has captured the essence of our website vision beautifully. Her knowledge, ideas, creativity and technical expertise have all contributed to a very successful website that draws interest and compliments from our internet visitors. We are now expanding our website under Jill's guidance and look forward to the next stages of working with her.


Trudy Harrold - Harrold Family Farm



With incredible dedication to quality service and a genius approach to applying cutting-edge technology across a broad spectrum of industries, CMRev stands above the rest. This forward-thinking telecommunications company is proudly supporting the present and future growth of communication networks.  


  • Website design

  • Content development

          Green Pen Writing Services exceeded our expectations for service and quality! We highly recommend Jill and look forward to working together in the future.


Bonnie Hood - CMRev Western